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SRB Energy is the first company in the world to have developed, industrialized and distributed a solar thermal collector featuring Ultra High Vacuum technology able to reach a stagnation temperature of 400ºC without solar tracking.  quienes_somos

Such high performance is possible thanks to the exceptional vacuum thermal insulation which considerably reduces the collector heat losses, and to its selective absorber coating, featuring high absorptivity in the visible spectrum and low emissivity in the infrared spectrum. After the initial evacuation, the vacuum is maintained for more than 20 years by a getter pump regenerated by the sun.

The adopted getter and the evacuated solar panel were patented by the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, and it has been licensed to SRB Energy since 2005.

The SRB solar collector can be adopted for several applications: for industrial or residential process heat; in conjunction with district heating or cooling; to produce domestic hot water; connected to a turbine to produce electricity. Other applications include hybrid systems with fossil fuels or biomass, particularly in cogeneration systems for the production of heat and electricity. The collector is particularly indicated for areas with low solar irradiation, as in Central Europe, where the fraction of diffused light is large and conventional solar collectors provide a reduced performance.

Several solar plants made with SRB Energy collectors are currently installed and in operation for cooling or heating (temperatures up to 200°C).